BACR Workforce programs support young people making positive decisions about their employment, and behavioral health. Program activities are youth-led, foster civic engagement, and provide opportunities for youth to learn to be productive, connect, and navigate.

Our youth leadership programs employ a program model that ensures participants have on-site access to five key service areas:

  1. Academic Support

  2. Workforce Skill Building

  3. Civic Engagement

  4. Connection to Support Services

  5. Meaningful Participation in Youth Development Activities

BACR Administrative Office

171 Carlos Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903-2005 
O: (415) 444-5580, F: (415) 444-5589


Communities in Harmony Advocating for Learning and Kids, or CHALK, is a San Francisco project providing a range of youth services with a specific focus on transformative youth development and employment.

CHALK’s employment programs place in-risk youth on the front lines as service providers for their peers. Youth are trained, supported, and gain essential job and life skills, all while positively contributing to the community.

Contact Info

271 Austin Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

Youthline: (888) 977-3399
p: (415) 977-6949 
f: (415) 977-6950